Your Day Health

Susan Miller is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and founder of “Your Day Health and Wellness” a Louisiana company that helps clients discover wellness in real life.

After years of chronic joint pain, chronic fatigue, misdiagnosed arthritis, and hormone disruption, Susan was diagnosed with food sensitivities, Pre-Diabetes, and Thyroid Disease which was the root cause for these issues. After changing her diet and lifestyle to a functional lifestyle she became symptom-free, started to feel better, and even became a fitness instructor!

This sparked her passion for health and wellness and her quest to help others realize the same. Throughout this journey, Susan found so much pleasure connecting with like-minded people and continuing her education on various wellness topics and trends that she created Your Day Health to bring wellness to individuals, Corporations and Small Businesses and Groups. 

*Your day Health host Individual and Corporate Workshops/ Programs, Groups Wellness programs and much more.




Susan Miller 

Certified Integrative

Health Coach.