Your Day Health

I was young when I started developing an array of symptoms (that I now think of like a “kitchen sink” of symptoms):  Constipation, ovarian cyst at age 9.  My first trip to the hospital and pelvic exam.   As I reached my teenage years, I also began to experience heavy painful periods and fainting spells.   My mother would comfort me and say, “It runs in the family.” 

Throughout my adult life, my sink began to fill up.   Add to my list: seasonal allergies, bronchitis, severe constipation, IBS, bloating, 2 miscarriages, infertility, 2 failed IVF attempts, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), numerous surgeries to clear pelvic adhesions, a bladder lift, removal of my uterus and a complete hysterectomy at age 32. During one of the surgeries, I literally almost died.  Waking up in ICU with my family surrounding me was not how I planned my day!!!  So now we add to the sink:  Hormone replacement therapy, PTSD, Anxiety and let’s not forget their friend, depression. 

 To the outside world, I appeared healthy, thin and active… but inside there was a hurricane brewing.

I tried to stay active, watched what I ate.  Although I smoked cigarettes, I tried to eat healthily and exercise … (at least the latest version of healthy) …  The stresses of everyday life were difficult to maneuver, but I felt lucky because my Husband and Family were always there to support and love me.  

They understood that sometimes I just “Didn’t feel good.” Or “Needed a Nap.”

As time passed, my family that I LOVE and cherish…began to implode.  My parents who lived out of state had “Full Kitchen Sinks” and were in failing health.

 My father’s sink included: Bladder Cancer, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Blood clots, and Type 2 Diabetes which in later life became Insulin-dependent Diabetes.   My Mother’s sink included Ovarian Cyst, IBS, high blood pressure, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Knee replacements, Psoriasis and Dementia. 

My beautiful Sister and best friend in the whole world was about to have her sink overflow.  She also had her share of health issues including blood clots, gynecological issues, and a fever of unknown origin.  

 She was also my parents and her 93-year-old Father In-Laws primary caregiver.  Let’s add a great big dose of STRESS to her sink.  Then everything literally hit the floor.

My father had to have his leg amputated once below the knee and because of Diabetic complications, had to have the same leg amputated above the knee. He remained in the hospital for over 7 months. My mother who was functioning well with her dementia and health issues needed some help with daily events.  My sister was diagnosed with a rare form of Uterine Cancer and had to have surgery.  We were unsure what the future held for her…

By the grace of God and the universe, she made a full recovery!  My father was coming home from the hospital and for a moment, our family could breathe….

This is when the hurricane hit!

The week after my father returned home, my mother suffered a fatal Heart attack and died.  Six weeks later, my father joined her in heaven…

During this time, I was struggling with even more illnesses.  

 At the top of my kitchen sink: Hair Loss, chronic fatigue, brain fog and even though I was eating a low carb diet rich in veggies, my weight was shooting ever skyward.   I had developed crippling joint pain, swelling, and an Autoimmune disorder. I was barely able to walk. The pain was excruciating and never-ending.  My husband had to assume all housework, shopping etc.…  My days were filled with pain, my nights were filled with pain.   I had to avoid the sun because any sunlight on my skin caused me to immediately break out into a burning itchy rash!  I was unable to take a bath or use the restroom without my husbands’ help.  I was 47 going on 90!

 We tried doctor after doctor, had test after test… Specialist after specialist… Medication after medication… nothing helped.  I was told that my Inflammatory Markers were extremely high, and I was at risk for a cardiac event.  Doctors cautioned me to avoid stress, eat less, move more.  Thanks DOC!   

During an appointment with my Arthritis Specialist, (Doctor # 18) he admitted that he didn’t know what else to do, he had thrown his entire arsenal at me and nothing was helping.   He told me that he would try to “KEEP ME COMFORTABLE” for as long as he could. 

I then saw him write that my prognosis was: POOR.  I thanked him for his time and left.

 My future according to conventional medicine was “POOR” …I felt the stirrings of defeat.  The reality was, I was dying. 

I made it to the car and it hit me… 

“POOR?”  “Wait a second!   I’m only 47!   POOR?   Oh, heck no!  I’m not going down like this!!! I cried and screamed, I prayed to God and the universe… “Please!!! There has to be something that will help, something I can do!”   I beg forgiveness for all sins and transgressions…  Just please some relief from the pain is all I ask!”

The answer I received was “You have Cancer!”  I was diagnosed with an early stage of vulva cancer.   One more surgery with a topping of healing complications! 

As time passed, I had accepted that this is the hand I was dealt… I would not complain but would live the best life I could, for as long as I could.

 Until one day, by divine intervention, the universe delivered the answer.


Functional medicine and nutrition look at the WHY’S not just the WHATS!  

“Why am I having joint pain?” “Why am I gaining weight?”  “Why are my inflammatory markers off the chart?”     After a few more tests, we discovered a few more items for the sink.   Insulin resistance, Hypothyroid, Pre-diabetes, High Cholesterol, Methylation problems, Leaky Gut, low iodine, low Vitamin D, Low magnesium just to name a few.   

 Within a few short weeks, I had answers to almost every question I’d been asking my whole life!  Not only did I have answers, but I also had solutions! 

 The solutions were amazingly simple. I used a FUNCTIONAL, HOLISTIC approach to my nutrition and health. Within a months’ time, my joint pain had diminished, my weight was returning to normal and by the end of the fourth month, my bloodwork was returning to normal. My sink was almost empty!

 I felt better now than I ever had in my entire life!    I saw HOPE!   I saw a future!

Next, something unexpected and wonderful happened!

Not only was my life transforming, but there was a ripple effect.

 Many people that knew me well, saw the dramatic changes and would ask, “What are you doing?” I would share my story and the simple little changes I made and within a few short weeks, they would return and give testimonies of how it also made wonderful improvements in their lives.    

This was when my second life began:  I was a Health Coach.

 I decided right then and there that I would devote my life helping people feel better! I chose to learn from the experts and pledged to use this new and wonderful life to share the gift of health.

I would tell my clients:  This is “YOUR DAY for HEALTH!”

This is how “Your Day Health” was born.

 We all have our “best life” yet to live and with a few integrative changes, it IS POSSIBLE!!!!

The past few years have been filled with health and blessings. 

There are not enough words to convey my gratitude for the healthful life that I am living, for the gift of health for my family, my friends, my clients, and for all our futures.   It is truly my honor to be “Your Health Coach.”

Today is “Your Day” for health… and your best day, is yet to come.   

Thank you for allowing me to share my story. I look forward to sharing yours!




Susan Miller 

Certified Integrative

Health Coach.